Dr. Nitin Dilawri combines cutting edge technology ( Orthogenesis Cold Laser Light Therapy) with more traditional methods (chiropractic technique, acupuncture, homeopathic, dietary supplementation, exercises etc.) to help clients achieve optimum wellness. We specialize in chronic recurrent pain conditions, interference from scar tissue (past or repetitive trauma or from surgical procedures), and many other conditions ( lumbar disc pain, hip and joint pain, pinched nerve relief, headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, inflammatory bowels, complications from car accidents, whiplash injury) that do not respond to conventional medical methods.

Dr. Dilawri has a wide knowledge base in many holistic therapies and has treated many artists and athletes who attest to the effectiveness of his methods and modalities for healing.

Welcome to Dilawri Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre where breakthroughs in healing happen everyday !!!

Dilawri Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre